Thank you for your interest in the Ikaroids HD Beta programme. We are currently seeking a small team of beta testers for the upcoming release of Ikaroids HD on the iPad. We’ll be selecting testers depending on how they meet our criteria, based on the form below.

Selected Beta Testers will receive an invitation by email to let them know that they have been accepted as part of the team. We shall be running a number of rounds of beta testing, and all Beta testers will be informed of how to download the Beta version of Ikaroids HD at the start of each of these rounds.

If you do not hear back from us within a few days, it does not necessarily mean that you have not been accepted, as we will be accepting more and more testers as the rounds of testing progress.

Entry Requirements

Please check that you meet the below requirements before submitting your application to be a part of the beta testing team.

“As a potential candidate for the Ikaroids iPad Beta Testing Team, I confirm that I…

  1. Own, or have full access to, a single iPad of any capacity, with or without a 3G connection.
  2. Am able to commit at least an hour a week to testing the application for approximately 2 months from the second week of August.
  3. Do not work full time for a Game Development company that consists of 3 or more employees.
  4. Understand that Iron Star Media Ltd have the final say about how many, and which, applicants shall be accepted into the Beta Testing team and that Iron Star Media reserve the right to remove me from the beta testing team at any time for any reason.
  5. Understand that I should not disclose any information that is made available to me about Ikaroids or Iron Star Media Ltd as a member of the beta testing team, unless otherwise stated.”


Please complete the form below to register your interest in our Beta Testing programme for Ikaroids HD on the iPad. Please enter your details as truthfully as possible so that we can select a range of beta testers for our team.

Fields marked with [*] are required, the rest are optional.

*(denotes required field)
Please enter your E-mail Address a second time.

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