Ikaroids HD (iPad) Nears Beta

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Progress on Ikaroids HD has been steady and, for the most part, straightforward thanks to Cocos2D on the iPhone and Box2D. Here are a few notes from our development backlog that will answer some of the questions we’ve had about Ikaroids HD.

Game Modes

There will be two main game modes in Ikaroids HD, both of which will utilise the full power of the iPad.

Campaign mode will offer a story comprised of a number of stages (TBC) that will present the backstory of the alien threat. To offer re-play value, you will be able to head back and replay old stages to perfect them for better medals.

Challenge mode will pit your pilotting skills against other players from around the globe. Score as highly as you can in a number of specific challenges and see how you rank against your friends and other players worldwide.

Control Systems

Controlling games on the iPad isn’t always the easiest affair, especially with dual stick shooters that rely strongly on the sensitive analogue stick. As such, we’re including three different virtual joysticks on the screen so that you can customise your gameplay experience and find the control system that fits you.

Other Features

After much deliberation and play testing, the panning camera is back in so that each stage can be larger than the iPad screen. This has really opened up some of the campaign stages to add a level of exploration and surprise.

We’re glad to say that we’re working on a number of new features for the iPad version of Ikaroids and we’ll outline these in a future blog post.

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