Ikaroids is an arcade shooter set in a distant quadrant of space where human-kind has lost all ties with their origins. Under the rule of an elusive leader, the residents of this dark region of space are locked in a constant battle with a rebelious clan of space fighters who refuse to abide by the grand vision of the mythical god Parvaneh.

Featuring a variety of ships and a wide-selection of missions, Ikaroids provides countless hours of classic, yet unique, arcade action. Developers Iron Star Media are constantly working to bring you innovative and fun games across a variety of platforms.

Coming Soon to the iPad

We’re currently working on an updated version of Ikaroids specifically for iPad owners. Not only are we re-working the game to fit nicely onto the iPad environment, but we’re also adding a whole ream of new features!

What you can look forward to on the iPad;

  • A revived campaign with medals awarded for performance.
  • 5 Specific Challenges that you strive to master.
  • Over 15 in-game achievements to unlock.
  • Online Scoreboards so that you can see your world ranking and beat your friends.

During August 2010 we’re going to be launching a beta version of Ikaroids HD to a small and privileged team. If you’re interested in beta testing Ikaroids for the iPad, then anyone can register through our website.

Read about / apply for the Ikaroids HD Beta Programme.

Available Now on the XBox 360

Ikaroids was released on the XBox 360 back in December 2009 on the Xbox Indie Marketplace. You can now pick up a copy for only 80 Microsoft Points – that’s just a dollar! You can buy it online, and it will download to your Xbox 360 the next time you log on to Xbox Live.

Buy Ikaroids now on the Xbox 360 for 80MSP

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